Green Street Coop, which meets on Wednesdays in Middletown, is calling for class proposals for our Fall semester! Most of our classes are for teens and tweens, but we have expanded to include more offerings for younger siblings (10 and under) as well– so proposals for all age groups are welcome (parents too)! Classes start on 9/10 and end 12/17. Please note that there are no classes Nov 19, 26, and Dec 3. We are in the midst of creating field trips for 11/19 and 12/3 since the facility is not open for our use and 11/26 is the day before Thanksgiving. Classes resume 12/10 and 12/17 will be our Share Day!

Teaching or co-teaching a class is a great way for new folks to get involved, and of course great free classes offered by Coop members helps to keep costs low for everyone. We also accept proposals from paid teachers who are not affiliated with the coop, so if you know of someone in the Middletown area who could teach an interesting, engaging course, please pass this info along! The proposal form is available on our website and the deadline for submitting proposals is August 13.


About Green Street

Green Street is a program of classes and activities for independent learners throughout Connecticut. Students travel to Middletown, Connecticut, a central and convenient location, to participate in on-site learning and hanging out with friends.

Green Street provides unique services within the home school community. This is a place where innovative and relevant teen programs provide everything from alternative medicine classes to rigorous academic classes such as physics and biology. Green Street’s foreign language classes provide support for those who study languages at home and elsewhere.

We meet at the Green Street Arts Center and the Buttonwood Tree in the northern section of downtown Middletown. These buildings provide excellent classroom and performance spaces, as well as convenient access to the Kid City Children’s Museum, the Russell Library, local parks, and myriad downtown restaurants and stores.

Green Street’s magic comes from within. Our parent volunteers offer high-quality classes for free. Specialized teachers are hired from outside of Green Street, whose fees are split by the coop members, to keep costs as low as possible. Even teens have the opportunity to teach and develop coaching and leadership skills.

Our membership is open to all who home school regardless of educational philosophy, religion, race, political beliefs, mental or physical disability, marital status, familial status, learning disability, national origin, ancestry, gender,  sexual orientation, and service animal access.  Our culture is welcoming, neutral, and available to those of all lifestyles and beliefs.

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