2017 Spring Catalog and Schedule

To register for classes, you will need to look at both documents below — the schedule tells which classes are at what times in what rooms, and the catalog has descriptions, age restrictions, teacher names, and any other info you need to know to make decisions.

Please download the 2017 Spring Schedule, which is in PDF format.

Please download the 2017SpringCatalog. This is an Excel spreadsheet that is the optimal format for viewing because it will keep the headers at the top even if you scroll down, and will keep the class names at the left even if you scroll across. We strongly recommend viewing this format, even if you have to go to the library or access a friend’s computer if you don’t have Excel.

Should you choose to try an alternative, you can use either of these, but please understand that they are not ideal.

2017SpringCatalog – Open document spreadsheet

2017SpringCatalog – PDF