Membership Rules & Policies Agreement

Green Street Coop promotes independent learning and exploration, and social connection in a safe community environment. Please read the information below with family members attending the coop and indicate that you have done so on the registration form. In addition, Please PRINT and bring a copy of the GSTLC Agreement with you on the first day of class.

By submitting your class and coop registration online (in lieu of signing this Rules and Policies Agreement), you acknowledge that your participating family members have read/been informed of and agreed to abide by these membership rules and policies:

1. Parents, not Green Street Coop, are responsible for the safety, wellbeing and behavior of their children/teens during coop programs. Participants aged 12 and under must have a supervising parent on-site at all times (their own or another designated parent). Those 13 and older may be dropped off at the coop, provided they consistently handle themselves maturely and behave in a respectful, appropriate way. Parents are expected to address any behavior issues involving their children, and participants may be asked to leave the class, facility or coop without reimbursement if issues persist.

2. The foundation of the Coop is the cooperative involvement and contribution of member families, and parents (or teens if parents cannot be present) are expected to volunteer each week to the coop, or more as circumstances warrant (teaching a class or holding a volunteer position fulfills this requirement). Please sign the online or hard-copy volunteer log on the first day, and remember to notify the Volunteer Coordinator if you will be unable to honor a volunteer commitment.

3. We are guests of the Green Street Arts Center and our continued use of this site is contingent on maintaining a good relationship with our host. Coop members are expected to treat all staff, facilities and equipment with utmost care and respect, and follow any rules or limits set forth by the facilities. Participants of all ages are also asked to remember that our individual behavior around Middletown impacts the reputation of the whole coop for better or worse, so please conduct yourselves accordingly!

4. All participants must be out of GSAC by 2:15, sharp! Please be sure to clean up after yourself and take your belongings home with you.

5. We do not tolerate any drug or alcohol use, and our coop programs are also not the place for sexual conduct.

6. Green Street Coop does not discriminate on the basis of homeschool/educational philosophy, religion, race, ethnicity, political beliefs, mental or physical disability, marital status, familial status, learning disability, national origin, ancestry, gender, sexual orientation, age, lawful source of income or service animal use. We also do not tolerate any bullying, sexual harassment or any form of discrimination, and any student, parent or teacher who engages in such behavior will be required to leave the coop without reimbursement.

7. Parents are responsible for their child/teen’s class choices and online registration. Registering for a class constitutes a commitment to pay applicable tuition/materials fees and coop facility fees, so parents are urged to check their child/teen’s class choices for cost, age eligibility, scheduling conflicts, and topic appropriateness before online registration is completed. Please check the registration confirmation that will be emailed to you after registering online, and notify the registrar immediately of any errors, duplicates, schedule conflicts, etc.

8. Payment of tuition/materials fees and facility/administrative fees is due in full on the first day of the session, and considered late if not paid by the end of the second day. Our coop teachers and host facilities do us a great service, and are entitled to prompt payment—out of respect to them, please do not allow your child/teen to register for any classes that you will be unable to pay for at the start of the session. Also, any return check and associated fees are the family’s responsibility or they won’t be allowed to return to co-op nor join in future semesters. In addition, refunds will not be given after week 3, no exceptions.

9. By registering for a class, the student is committing to attend and participate in the class (including assignments), and to behave respectfully toward teachers and fellow students. If a student chooses to withdraw from a class, s/he or the parent should notify the teacher directly.

10. All members must submit a signed waiver form from the arts center. Forms will be emailed during registration, please print and bring it on the first day. Please read the form with your family. This is separate from this form. We rent the building from Wesleyan University and are not allowed on their property unless each family has signed their waiver.

11. Per GSAC policy, Coop members must wear “something that identify them as homeschool visitors”—either a “GSC” badge provided by the Coop or a red dot sticker provided by GSAC.

12. If you have any concerns, suggestions or questions regarding these rules and policies, please discuss them with the coop organizers.